GOT7’s Jackson Wang Doesn’t Let The Rain Stop Him From Seeing Fans

We’re pretty sure Jackson was written by a woman.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang never lets anything keep him from Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7 fans) and Jackys (Jackson Wang fans)!

Fan (left) and Jackson Wang (right) hugging. | @keepatbae/Twitter

No celebrity treats his fans more like friends than him. He is eager to speak to and hug fans whenever he sees them.

And if he sees anyone mistreating his fans, he rushes to their aid!

He truly loves fans. So, he is always worried about their safety.


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Recently, when he arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, to a crowd, he was happy to see everyone. Still, he couldn’t help but worry for their safety.

Yet, he always puts them over himself. So, when he was at THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium, he saw fans.

He wouldn’t even let the rain stop him from greeting all the fans who came by. Jackson went outside without an umbrella in the rain to express his love.

Although he let himself get rained on, he was concerned about their safety. So, he asked them to get home safely.

Even again, after the event, Jackson tweeted out of concern for all those who may have gotten rained on. He advised them to clean up immediately after getting home.

Jackson proves that he truly is a drama male lead. He would go out in the rain to express his love!

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