GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Reaction To Ahgases Waiting Outside To Greet Him Showcases His True Personality

No one loves their fans more than Jackson!

No one loves their fans more than GOT7‘s Jackson Wang!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang hugging a fan.

Fans often wait outside venues in hopes of even just getting a glimpse of their favorite artist. Yet, most of the time, they’re not so lucky as the celebrity attempts to sneak in unnoticed. Ahgase proves to be the luckiest fandom, though.

Currently, Jackson is in the United States, promoting his new single, “Blow.” He recently stopped by the American radio show, The Cruz Show, where he discussed his upcoming album, personal struggles, his family’s reaction when he chose to pursue music, and his hope to have his own kids not too far in the future.

When he arrived at the location for his radio promotions, he noticed fans waiting outside. While some celebrities may be annoyed to see people waiting for them, Jackson was overjoyed and thanked them for coming!

Not only that, but he immediately asked his fans if he could hug them! Jackson proves he thinks so much more of them as fans. They’re truly like friends!

Likewise, BamBam recently shared the same sentiment. He describes Ahgases as friends or even family members of his.

GOT7’s BamBam (right) hugging fan (left). | hello82/YouTube

Jackson’s fans recounted the experience of meeting Jackson Wang that day of his radio promotion. He had walked over to them and quickly asked for hugs.

The love and respect are mutual between Jackson and Ahgases.

If that’s not enough to make you emotional, Jackson actually asked for hugs not once but twice! It was truly a moment of reuniting with loved ones.

It was not only that day that Jackson has been giving hugs to Ahgases!

Those who attended his recent listening party for 102.7 KIIS FM received hugs too. And, he’s always the gentleman!

Jackson always takes time to interact with his fans, expressing his sincere love and gratitude for them.

Jackson is famous for how he treats fans. He went viral multiple times due to Ahgase interactions, whether it was defending them from paparazzi or straight-up saving them. Read more below:

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