GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gets Real About A Personal Struggle — And Proves Why He’s The Best Role Model

Ahgases are proud of you, Jackson!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently stopped by American radio show, The Cruz Show, where he discussed his upcoming album, his family’s reaction when he chose to pursue music, and his hope to have his own kids not too far in the future. But one thing that stood out was how he got real about some emotional struggles, proving he is a role model who is truly worth looking up to.

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Jackson shared that he’s excited for his new album because it’s the first time he’s truly showing who he is through his music.

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It’s about the journey of exploring and finding the new me. And of taking the time and deciding to put everything, whoever I was, whatever I had behind, and moving on to accept the new me. Who I truly am. [Who I am] was never exposed. I’ve never been this raw—ever—in my life.

— Jackson Wang

He added that this album, “It’s not who I used to be outside, commercially.” This prompted one of the hosts to ask him, “Was it hard to let your guard down? To show this side of you that not a lot of people know?” And Jackson confirmed that it was. After almost a decade in the industry, Jackson came to seriously question whether he was actually doing what he really wanted. Though he ultimately realized he could be honest in his music without worrying about people’s opinions too much, he did go through some negative moments in his life first.

I was in that [kind of] negative moment…I used to believe in never talking to people. I was like, ‘Why am I wasting time in talking to friends about my stress, like, what are you going to do about it?’

— Jackson Wang

But then his perspective on opening up to people radically changed. While he used to not believe in sharing about his thoughts and feelings with the people around him, he says that his team changed his opinion after asking him to sit down and talk about himself.

My producer and my team insisted on sitting me down and communicating with me. And for the first time in my life, words meant sh*it… like, something that’s so magical and powerful to me that I felt it. And it’s how important it is to have positive people around you. To inspire you, to tell you that, ‘Hey, you’re not alone, man.’ When you’re in that zone you think you’re alone but you’re not. We’re here with you, and let’s be you.

— Jackson Wang

Now, while his music will always be important, Jackson sees it as an occupation, while his real priority is himself.

Music…that is an occupation. We’re humans, we feel stuff. And for all the people who are watching, if you’re going through a moment and you just want to share that, you’re not alone. It’s okay to do it… And you don’t have to take everything by yourself. It’s ok [to ask for help].

— Jackson Wang

Jackson has always put everything into his art, something that is evident in the unique creativity of his work. It’s nice to see that now he is prioritizing himself just as much! His openness about choosing to consciously engage in healthy behaviors is encouraging, and it proves he truly is the best role model. Jackson is always making Ahgases proud!

You can watch the full video on the link below.