GOT7’s Jackson Wang Updates Fans Ahead Of Release For New Single “Blow”

Are we really getting a full album?

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is about to drop brand new music and has updated fans on Twitter with what to expect. He never stops the grind!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @teamwangofcl/Twitter

It was previously announced that Jackson would drop his new single, “Blow” and told fans, “My sh*t begins now.” He also dropped three sexy teasers for the upcoming music video which will be released March 31 at midnight EST.

And, of course, fans have questions. To promote the upcoming release, Jackson took to Twitter to answer anything they wanted to know before it drops.

One fan asked if they could expect physical albums anytime soon. It seems to be something Jackson wants as well.

Jackson also updated his location. Fans knew that Jackson had been in Korea after fellow GOT7 member BamBam leaked the news, but Jackson confirmed that he is leaving for Los Angeles soon.

A fan questioned whether Jackson knew BamBam had gone to America, to which he responded that he did. Though, they are going for different schedules.

Another fan showed their appreciation for all of Jackson’s hard work, but in true Jackson form, he replied saying that he’s still not working hard enough.

It had previously been speculated that Jackson would release a full album, potentially called “MAGIC MAN,” but it hadn’t been confirmed. The theory became more solid after the second MV teaser seemed to contain an album medley. When asked about this, Jackson previously replied, Well.”

Though when a another fan asked what the upcoming album means to him, Jackson replied, “EVERYTHING.” Does this mean that the album is confirmed? Signs point to yes!

Jackson gave a shout-out to his team after another fan asked about the process behind making the upcoming single, “Blow.”

Fans would also love to see Jackson on tour. When one fan asked about the possibility, Jackson responded with a cryptic emoji.

Finally when a fan asked if Jackson was ready to break records, Jackson replied that he can’t control it and said, “All I do is give 200% of me.”

Fans know how hard Jackson works and are excited for everything that is to come!

In preparation for the “Blow” music video, check out the third MV teaser here!