GOT7’s Jackson Wang To Release New Single “Blow,” Here’s All We Know So Far

The teaser is so sexy!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is back and with a new song!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | TEAM WANG

Once again, he proves that he is full of surprises. At the start of March, he shocked fans by dropping the unannounced mixtape LOST & FOUND.

Now, Jackson is releasing even more music before March’s end! With just a little over 24 hours before its release, he announced his new single “Blow,” telling fans, “My sh*t begins now.”

If this wasn’t already message enough that a new era has begun for Jackson Wang, eagle-eyed fans noticed something else… He has officially removed “王嘉爾 왕잭슨” from his display name, leaving only “Jackson Wang” in English.

Jackson also hashtagged “#MAGICMAN,” which he has teased since last year. So, we presume this to be the title of his upcoming album and possibly an English one at that, considering his bio updates.

88rising has also promoted Jackson Wang’s “Blow” like crazy since he announced its release. Since 88rising is Jackson’s American promoter/distributer, this makes us believe that he is preparing to release a new English language album.

Additionally, Jackson previously said to Bandwagon that 2022 would be focused on music. He promised to release two albums of his own.

On the record label side, we have a bunch of very talented artists, including me, lining up this year and we’re looking forward to releasing their music and releasing my music. For myself, there will be two albums coming up this year. I’ll mainly focus on music this year and only music. We have other artists releasing their albums too so I hope everyone checks it out when it’s up.

— Jackson Wang

“Blow” is available for pre-save now, with its official release on March 31 at midnight EST. We’re also getting what appears to be a sexy new music video for it as well.

| Jackson Wang/YouTube

Ahgases are so well-fed. March 31 is the same day as the release of Yugyeom‘s new single “Take You Down,” too.

We really couldn’t be more excited for all of the new music we’re getting from the GOT7 members!

The first music video teaser for “Blow” only makes us anticipate Jackson’s new song even more. It has a thriller vibe set in what appears to be a period piece, and it includes a diverse cast. What makes it all the more mysterious is that none of Jackson’s music is included in the teaser!

The second MV teaser only confirms the theory that Jackson is preparing to release a full album. The video begins with an elevator, and with each floor, a snippet of different music plays, teasing that this is actually low-key an album medley.