GOT7’s Jackson Wang To Release At Least Two New Albums This Year

2022 is Jackson’s year.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is just getting started.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | TEAM WANG

Last year, Jackson was especially busy. As a solo artist, collaborator, member of GOT7 and PANTHEPACK, he released countless songs. Now, Jackson has spoken with Bandwagon to talk about his upcoming projects for the new year.

His first release of 2022 is “王嘉尔 JACKSON WANG.” It’s a self-composed track and also one of his most personal releases yet.

A lot of people that know me probably just think I’m this celebrity or this singer that was on shows, that releases a lot of songs, that dances a little, sing a little, and so on, you know. I’m releasing this song to really tell and deliver the message of who I really am and what’s in my brain, what my thoughts are, what I want to do in life, and what’s my dream.

— Jackson Wang

He surely kicked off the new year in a great way. However, knowing Jackson, there’s a lot he’s yet to share. So, Bandwagon asked him about how he is able to continue being so energized despite a busy schedule.

Beyond your solo music, you also work on TEAM WANG and recently wrapped up your activities with PANTHEPACK. Throughout all of this, how do maintain and sustain your creative energy?


Jackson responded, “I don’t. I just push through it.” He did, however, say that this year more than ever, he will be focusing on his solo work.

Right now, for this year, I’m really focusing on my records and also focusing on TEAM WANG design.

— Jackson Wang

He revealed that his music label TEAM WANG would be releasing lots of music from other artists. On the other hand, he himself will also be releasing at least two albums this year.

On the record label side, we have a bunch of very talented artists, including me, lining up this year and we’re looking forward to releasing their music and releasing my music. For myself, there will be two albums coming up this year. I’ll mainly focus on music this year and only music. We have other artists releasing their albums too so I hope everyone checks it out when it’s up.

— Jackson Wang

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We’re definitely excited to hear more from Jackson! Read more about how he maintains a strong work ethic below:

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Source: Bandwagon