GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals The Motivation Behind His Strong Work Ethic

For Jackson, the grind never stops!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang might be one of the busiest men on this planet. In March, he revealed he would be releasing 40+ songs this year! And, one of those songs might be featured in Marvel Studios‘ new movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

GOT7’s Jackson Wang as Global brand ambassador for Beats by Dre | Beats by Dre via @JacksonWang852/Twitter

Many have wondered how someone can be this productive. Jackson has even said that he doesn’t even care much for breaks or having free time. During quarantine, he also consistently worked, producing new music. His work ethic is that serious!

Jackson performing at 2021 China Cool Music Festival | @JacksonWang852/Twitter

In a new interview with 99.7 NOW, Jackson spoke with Big Reid to promote his new song “Drive You Home.” Jackson explained that he was in Chongqing, China, for a Pepsi event for just a couple of days, and he would be leaving in eight hours. Big Reid was amazed that he found time even for their interview, considering the busy schedule! He said, “Bro, every single time I talk to you, you’re super busy…” Jackson then revealed what motivates him to work so vigorously.

You know why? Because I’m not the best. I’m still working my a*s off to become the best, to become someone there, you know.

— Jackson Wang

Even with his success so far, Jackson has remained humble and sees that there’s still room for improvement. So, he continues to grind non-stop.

I know I’m so far from the best or even like so far from anything. You know, I’m trying my best … I’m pushing myself. If I don’t die, then I can do it. …This is my mindset…

— Jackson Wang

Upon Big Reid’s recommendation, Jackson might add “motivational speaker” to this long résumé now. But Jackson said we might have to wait…

Maybe when I retire and no one wants to listen to my music anymore, maybe I’ll just be a motivational speaker…

— Jackson Wang

We definitely don’t think that’s going to happen. It seems like Jackson just continually puts out hit after hit! Perhaps we can at least get a Jackson Wang-led Ted Talk?

Jackson shared similar sentiments as he did in the interview later in a post on his Instagram Stories. He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for fans as they stick by him during these difficult times.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Check out Jackson’s full interview with Big Reid below:

Watch Jackson’s music video for “Drive You Home” below:

Source: 99.7 NOW and Image (1) and (2)


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