GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shocks Fans By Dropping New Mixtape With No Warning, But It’s Been In The Works For A Long Time

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something…

This article has been updated after TEAM WANG changed LOST & FOUND‘s date on streaming platforms.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang surprised fans by releasing a new mixtape without prior promotions.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Fendi

Today, March 7, Jackson dropped his new English language mixtape LOST & FOUND. It consists of eight songs, including “Poison.”

His label TEAM WANG describes LOST & FOUND as “consisting of old songs.” Additionally, it was teased that Jackson is “cooking something even bigger.”

We were all shook when Jackson surprisingly released the mixtape as he had not previously revealed the title or the release date. It’s similar to when Beyoncé released her self-titled album with no warning in 2013.

Of course, Jackys (fans of Jackson Wang) and Ahgases (fans of GOT7) are absolutely loving LOST & FOUND.

He never disappoints!

Many are sharing their favorite parts from the mixtape.

One listener even likened the new sound to popular Western artists Post Malone and The Weeknd.

LOST & FOUND is a huge hit already despite the short notice of its release. It is receiving love worldwide, charting on iTunes, and more.

Despite being released with no prior notice, LOST & FOUND may have actually been made since several years ago. As TEAM WANG mentioned, the mixtape consists of “old songs.” That’s not all, though. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the date listed for its creation on Spotify was April 12, 2019, three years ago, although it’s copyrighted in 2022.

2019 is the same year Jackson released his last album MIRRORS. So, when you visited his Spotify page, both MIRRORS and LOST & FOUND were the two albums listed, having the same release years.

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Yet, recently, the date has changed on LOST & FOUND. On music streaming platforms, it now says the date it was released.

Still, it makes one wonder what else Jackson has in store for us! Previously, he released his meaningful self-titled track at the start of the year and recently collaborated with f(x)‘s Amber Liu for “EASIER.”

He also teased that he has lots of new music coming out this year. Read what he had to say below:

GOT7’s Jackson Wang To Release At Least Two New Albums This Year