GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shows More Concern For Others Than Himself At Airport, Revealing His True Personality

He was especially concerned about the elderly not getting hurt in crowds.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is practically synonymous with the word “gentleman.”

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

Whether it’s a fellow K-Pop idol…

…or a fan, Jackson is always looking out for them.

He proved just how conscientious and kindhearted he is yet again during his trip to Thailand.

Recently, Jackson Wang was announced to be performing at this year’s THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium.

Jackson was eager to meet Thai fans, so he announced his departure from Korea on Twitter, giving them a heads-up to go to the airport to see him.

Sure enough, many began lining up hours in advance!

Even celebrities like singer Tum Warawut Poyim were there to see Jackson!

So, when he arrived at the airport in Bangkok, there were many fans to greet.

Still, he made an effort to see everyone.

Again, Jackson shows not only concern for his fans. During his trip, he attempted to stop a bodyguard from pushing an elderly man, and he did it so instinctively!

Similarly, at Incheon International Airport, he asked his fans to be careful since there was an older woman there.

Even after Jackson left the airport in Bangkok, he asked for everyone to be safe getting home. He emphasized, “Safety first.” 

While Jackson may want everyone to be safe, he always does everything he can for them. Even though it rained the night of THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup, he went outside to greet fans.

He surely sets the standards high.

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