Even A Celebrity Waited For GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Airport Arrival In Thailand

Everyone loves Jackson Wang!

Recently, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was announced to be performing at this year’s THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium.

Thailand is known as GOT7’s second home, so it is easy to guess that Thai fans were excited to see another member of GOT7 in Thailand so soon. Both BamBam and Mark Tuan held sold-out fan meetings earlier this year.

Bambam (left) and Mark (right) during day 3 of Mark’s PULLUP fan meetings. | @dnaofficial/Twitter

Jackson announced his departure from Korea on Twitter, giving Thai fans enough time to go to the airport and wait to greet him. Fans began lining up hours in advance to get a good view of his arrival.

Among the many fans waiting, people noticed there was a celebrity waiting for Jackson’s arrival as well. In a video posted to Twitter, you can see singer Tum Warawut Poyim wearing a mask that has Team Wang written on the front.

Tum is a known Jackson fan, speaking about him often on his YouTube channel and attending other GOT7 members’ events.

Actress Dao Pimthong also posted photos of Jackson on her Instagram story welcoming him to Thailand as well as reposting photos from a friend’s story of being close up to Jackson in the airport.

Despite the huge amount of people waiting, Jackson was able to walk through the airport safely and greet all fans before leaving. He also posted thank you messages telling fans to get home safely.

It’s easy to see why even celebrities love Jackson!

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