GOT7’s Mark Tuan Debuts New Songs And Performs GOT7 Hits With BamBam At “PULL-UP” Fan Meeting

What an eventful first day!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has successfully held the first day of his three-day PULL-UP fan meeting event in Thailand, and there’s a lot to take in!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan on Day 1 of “PULL UP” Fan Meeting in Thailand.

Last week, GOT7 successfully held their sold-out two-day event 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7. Now on May 27, Mark Tuan held the first fan meeting of his three-day PULL-UP event in Thailand. PULL-UP is held at IMPACT Arena, which has a capacity of over 11,000, and it sold out all three days.

The event has been hugely successful and very eventful so far, and Mark has performed a great variety of songs.

Mark performed his solo songs, such as “last breath, “save me,” and more. We finally have live performances of them!

He also performed collaboration hits, “One in a Million,” which features Sanjoy, and his and BIBI‘s “Never Gonna Come Down” from the Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings soundtrack.

If that was not enough to get the crowd hyped, Mark also debuted three new solo songs!

The titles of the songs appear to be “I Miss You So Much,” “My Name My Name,” and “Mr. M.”

Mark revealed that he has actually written more than 40 songs over the past year!

And his rapping is absolute fire, as expected!

BamBam, who is guesting and emceeing Mark’s fan meeting, is already proving to be his biggest fan, knowing the lyrics already to his new songs.

Of course, though, with BamBam as MC, it was more than just eventful…

It was a fun and chaotic time!

Yet, Ahgases were also treated to more than just a Mark Tuan concert. The two even performed BamBam’s “riBBon!”

They performed GOT7’s new title track, “NANANA” as well. Thai Ahgases, how are you?!

Mark and BamBam also performed some of GOT7’s classic hits, including “Hard Carry” and “Go Higher.”

It truly became a true GOT7 event as the arena transformed into a green ocean for BamBam and Mark.

And Ahgases even did the GOT7 fanchant (as they should)!

What an amazing first day of Mark’s three-day PULL-UP fan meeting. It was an experience for everyone.

Check out more highlights from the event below:

GOT7’s Mark Tuan Breaks Down In Tears At “PULL UP” Fan Meeting In Thailand

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