GOT7’s Jackson Wang Credits The Kinjaz For Being The Reason Why He Fell In Love With Dance

It’s thanks to them that we have Jackson’s masterful performances.

On a podcast with The Kinjaz, Anthony Lee, co-founder and director of the dance crew, shared the story behind The Kinjaz’s first meeting with GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and how that led to six years of strong friendship and creative trust.

Ahgases and Jackys who have followed Jackson’s dance journey know that The Kinjaz and Jackson first met and collaborated on the street dance variety show, Hot Blood Dance Crew. However, Anthony shared that what a lot of people don’t know is that they weren’t originally meant to work together.

| TheKinjaz/YouTube

The Kinjaz were originally meant to work with the opposing celebrity judges, but thanks to Anthony’s persistence, he was able to persuade the producers to let him work with Jackson. This was more than just a random preference; Anthony truly believed that working with Jackson would bring out The Kinjaz’s strength in choreography since the movement, authenticity, and character of the dancers on Jackson’s team best matched The Kinjaz.

Jackson found this story super-interesting since he fell in love with dance and decided to explore it in depth and grow his skills because of his connection with the Kinjaz.

At that time, while Jackson had learned to dance as an idol, he didn’t think that he would pursue dance for his solo work, nor did he think he had the right to.

However, thanks to The Kinjaz and Sean Miyashiro from 88rising, Jackson was able to explore dance deeply, to the point where it now takes a huge role in his solo work.

By observing how The Kinjaz choreographed and learning how they listened to each layer of music to create a masterful performance, Jackson was able to appreciate and fall in love with all aspects of being a musical artist, whether it be the music, the performance, or the cinematography.

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