GOT7’s Jackson Wang Spills On Whether Or Not He Thinks K-Pop Will Last Forever

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GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was recently asked if he thinks K-Pop will last forever, and he gave the absolute best answer.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @Kittiyakoy2/Twitter

In an interview with Variety, Jackson was asked why he thinks K-Pop is so beloved by international audiences and whether or not he thinks K-Pop will remain a top genre around the world.

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The interviewer asked Jackson why he thought K-Pop was so popular with American audiences. Jackson responded that people love K-Pop simply because it’s good music and people can relate to it. His answer showed that he believed that music transcends language and human-made boundaries.

Definitely put this in: K-Pop is not good because it’s K-Pop. K-Pop is good because it’s good music — it’s good quality. There’s no such thing as American artists. Yes there is, but at the end of the day music is music. The thing that matters is how many people can relate to that? That proves a lot of people can relate to K-Pop. That’s the answer, that’s what I think.

— Jackson Wang

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Jackson’s interviewer also raised the question of whether or not K-Pop’s popularity would last. The interviewer asked, “There’s an arena being built in Seoul specifically for K-Pop music. Popularity of genres is always changing. Will K-Pop last forever?”

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Jackson said he believed K-Pop’s popularity would last because the genre is constantly evolving, and he pointed to fellow artists BTS and BLACKPINK as artists that are pushing K-Pop in an exciting direction.

K-Pop will definitely last forever. J-Pop will last forever. You never know what happens tomorrow, right? To me, I personally think it’ll keep evolving. I just wish that entertainment has nothing to do with any other stuff, because entertainment is entertainment and is supposed to make people happy. … Artists like BTS, like Blackpink, I respect them in art. The direction that they’re going, me as an audience watching, I’m proud.

— Jackson Wang

We totally agree with Jackson, and we wholeheartedly believe that K-Pop will always delight people all around the world!

Source: Variety