GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gives Spoilers On What His Performance Will Look Like At The League Of Legends Worlds 2022 Opening Ceremony

He pours so much love and attention into each performance.

Last week, League of Legends “President” Lil Nas X announced that GOT7‘s Jackson Wang would join him and several other artists for the Opening Ceremony of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship.

Just a few days ago, Jackson arrived at Riot Games‘ headquarters, and though everyone was wondering how the collaboration came to be, our questions were soon answered.

League of Legends and Jackson released “Fire to the Fuse,” leaving fans stunned over the powerful yet dark music accompanied by the lore behind Empyrean Pyke.

During the press conference, Jackson opened up about how he felt about crossing over into the world of League of Legends. Ever humble and kind, his heart isn’t for the glory or the recognition but for the healing this event can bring by connecting hearts around the world.

First of all, I’m not the star of the night, the stars are all the champions. Whoever wins, I think the perfect thing about this is that despite the fact that there are very unfortunate things happening around the world recently and for the past years, I feel like this event is the perfect time for everyone from all over the world, all the teams around the world, to come together and heal. I’m very honored to be invited to be a part of it.

— Jackson

Jackson also revealed his deep love for League of Legends. While he’s terrible at gaming, he’s completely in love with the lore, especially with Arcane, and he would love to have a cameo in Season 2 or make music for the show if asked.

As an artist, Jackson has always been heavily involved in the creative process of all parts of his performance, whether it be the styling, cinematography, or choreo. Every detail is important to paint the bigger picture, and for “Fire to the Fuse,” Jackson made sure that the Empyrean storyline would be seen in his performance.

The first thing I shared with Riot was that I didn’t want it just to be a singer just singing and dancing on stage. I hope we can really tell the story narratively. Even the wardrobe, the makeup, the choreo, the gestures, and everything, the visuals, I hope are based off of the story itself. I don’t want any of my taste or flavor, me as Jackson Wang, to be involved. I’m willing to do anything for the art of it.

— Jackson

His dedication to this stage further proves how much Jackson loves music and creativity in general, and it’s guaranteed to be a performance of a lifetime.

The live performance will be streamed on League of Legends’ official website on 11/5 at 5 PM PT. In the meantime, you can watch “Fire to the Fuse” here: