Meet The World Famous Director Behind GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Music Video “Cruel”

The videos and films he’s worked on will blow your mind.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has worked with some big names for his music, whether collaborating with other well-known artists like Gucci Mane and JJ Lin or choreographing with huge dance studios like The Kinjaz. For his latest release, “Cruel,” Jackson worked with the legendary American music video and commercial director Rich Lee.

| Jackson Wang/YouTube

Rich Lee has an impressive career, and if you listen to American pop, you’ve definitely seen some of his works. Here are just a few:

Billie Eilish‘s “All the Good Girls Go to Hell.”

Lana Del Rey‘s “Love.”

Eminem‘s “Rap God.”

Before focusing on music videos, Rich Lee worked as a sculptor and fabricator for Broadway and Disney. Later, he worked on films like I Am Legend and Minority Report., growing his experience with computer graphics and special effects.

| I Am Legend
Minority Report

Rich Lee is a legend in his own right, so when he showered Jackson with praise during the behind-the-scenes video of “Cruel,” it spoke volumes about how outstanding and respected Jackson is by everyone he meets.

It’s always great when there’s collaboration and trust. I trusted what he had to bring, he trusted what I had to bring. He’s an amazing performer and an amazing dancer.

— Rich Lee

| Jackson Wang/YouTube

The beautiful thing about this video and what we’ve done together is that there wasn’t any friction it was all just building and building into something really special … Everyone was just really on point and doing their thing.

— Rich Lee

| Jackson Wang/YouTube

From the choreography to the styling to the technology, everyone was able to align their vision and blend their strengths to create a masterpiece, and at the center of it all was Jackson. Jackson continues to grow as an artist in all areas, and as he introduces the world to his color and his magic, there’s no doubt he’ll go down in history.

Source: Rich Lee

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