Which GOT7 Members Changed Most Drastically, According To BamBam And Mark Tuan

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GOT7 have known each other for over a decade, literally growing up together. So, the members have watched each other grow in more ways than one.

From left: Jay B, Jinyoung, BamBam, Mark Tuan, Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, and Youngjae  | @GOT7/X

Mark Tuan and BamBam reunited in the latest episode of BamBam’s online interview show Bam House. The two reminisced, revealing details and stories of the members’ past when they would fight more often.

After this reflection, Mark asked, “Who changed most drastically for the better?” BamBam chose Jackson Wang.

He responded, “I think Jackson,” with no hesitation. He explained that Jackson’s “funny image” changed drastically since his solo activities, specifically the Magic Man era.

I think Jackson. Since starting his solo activities… I think it was since Magic Man. He somehow changed his image drastically.

— BamBam

BamBam remembered his reunion with Jackson recently in Paris, as it was the group’s tenth anniversary. He explained that when they’re alone, away from the crowds, Jackson still acts the same as he always has. Yet, in public, Jackson portrays a cool, calm, collected image, totally different from what BamBam knows.

I don’t think he’s the old, funny Jackson we used to know. Of course, in Paris, since that was our 10th anniversary, I had a drink in the room with Jackson. He was the same then. But when we’re outside, wow, he won’t laugh, ever. He’s cool, like this.

— BamBam

BamBam said that Jackson always poses for the camera like a professional photoshoot, regardless of the event and location. On the other hand, BamBam always poses in a friendly manner with a peace sign, smiling. Mark related more to BamBam’s go-to pose.

BamBam: Sometimes, when I see the way he takes photos, I wonder if I should do what he does, too. He and I went to the same Louis Vuitton event. Jackson stands tall, wearing cool sunglasses. But I’m like this in all my photos.

Mark Tuan: Me too! Me too!

BamBam: Oh, you too? When we’re taking pictures, there are too many people. So, I can’t post like it’s a photoshoot. I just say, ‘Oh, thank you!’

While BamBam believes Jackson changed the most, Mark suggested the maknae, Yugyeom, has changed the most. They think it’s due to Yugyeom’s change of environment, as he adapts to whoever he is around.

Mark Tuan: But Yugyeom too…

BamBam: Oh, you’re right. But I’m not so sure about him.

Mark Tuan: It’s because you see him often.

BamBam: I think Yugyeom’s a sponge. He just absorbs the people around him.

Mark Tuan: Right, right, right, right.

BamBam: Since joining AOMG, he’s really become AOMG. He’s just AOMG itself. He doesn’t even dance anymore…

Mark Tuan: Really?

BamBam: Well, he does dance, but not with the same vibes as what we used to dance.

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While some members might have changed, BamBam said he likes the changes overall. He thinks everyone is thriving doing what they’re good at.

But I like it. Each one us seems to be doing what we’re good at, so I like it.

— BamBam

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