GOT7’s Jay B Remembers Agreement With Foreign Line, But BamBam Might Make Him Live To Regret It

Tom and Jerry are back at it again!

GOT7‘s Jay B remembered an agreement with his members, but he might have lived to regret it…

GOT7’s Jay B

Recently, Jay B revealed that he remembered that before he and Jinyoung enlisted for their mandatory military service, GOT7 had come to a special agreement. The Korean members would receive 1% of the foreign members’ (the rap line) profits during enlistment as they couldn’t make money at the time.

Oh right… Nevermind…
Because we’re talking about sharing… Before when we were [active as] GOT7, the foreign members said they’ll give us 1% of their profits while we’re serving in the military. But why aren’t they giving it to us? I should try texting them.

— Jay B

Of course, BamBam could not fulfill the agreement without teasing the GOT7 leader. So, he shared a meme of Jay B via Instagram Stories, captioned, “He got that 1%.” 

| @bambam1a/Instagram

BamBam also shared a collage of memes of himself, Mark Tuan, and Jackson Wang. He captioned it, “Then us ATK…” This is the acronym for the foreign/rap line’s nickname, “AmeriThaiKong.”

From left: BamBam, Mark Tuan, and Jackson Wang | @bambam1a/Instagram

Of course, BamBam could not go without teasing Jay B on Twitter. He posted an Ahgase’s meme, joking that the rapper gives the leader a full headache.

No opportunity can arise where BamBam does not tease Jay B. They are “Tom and Jerry,” after all! Read more below.

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