GOT7’s Jay B Breaks Down In Tears At Concert, And BamBam Has Quite The Reaction

Jay B cried a few times during his recent Thailand concert.

GOT7‘s Jay B broke down in tears at his recent concert.

GOT7’s Jay B in Thailand | @cdnzarecords/Twitter

Jay B is currently on his 2022 JAY B WORLD TOUR TAPE : PRESS PAUSE. He held three concerts in Bangkok, Thailand. 

|  @cdnzarecords/Twitter

Fans noticed that Jay B nearly cried on Day 2…

Yet, on Day 3, he couldn’t stop crying. During several moments, Jay B cried, especially while singing “Rocking Chair” and in his ending speech.

Ahgases were sad to see Jay B cry. So, they encouraged him with messages, reassuring and uplifting him.

Some pointed out that “Rocking Chair” is a personal, heartfelt song for Jay B. He expressed how much he appreciates fans’ love and support, so this might be a reason why he got so emotional.

This wouldn’t be the first time he cried while performing.

And, of course, BamBam couldn’t ignore that the GOT7 leader was crying during his last Thailand concert. So, he replied to a fan’s video with a crying dog GIF.

That’s not all, though. He replied with a meme of himself.

…and a meme of Jay B.

And another meme of Jay B.

And one final meme of himself.

Hopefully, Jay B knows he has us all by his side no matter what (along with BamBam and the rest of GOT7)!

BamBam certainly has a unique way of comforting. Check out how he comforted fans after his performance was canceled below.

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