GOT7’s BamBam Way Of Comforting Fans After His “KAMP LA 2022” Performance Was Cancelled Showcases His True Personality

BamBam always tries to make fans happy!

GOT7‘s BamBam was just one of many artists slated to perform at the KAMP 2022 LA music festival on October 15-16 in California. The star-studded line-up included artists like iKONJeon SomiEXO‘s KaiLAPILLUSP1HarmonySuper Junior, and Taeyeon on the first day. The lineup for the second day included aespaChung Ha (also known as Chungha), Epik HighMOMOLANDMONSTA XT1419, and Zion.T.

The KAMP festival was continually questioned about its organizers’ decisions including the prohibition of unofficial artist merchandise to the issues with artists’ travel. After hours of confusion, many of the artists scheduled to perform were announced to no longer be attending the festival due to visa issues.

BamBam personally shared the news via his Twitter account as well as his wishes for anyone who came to the festival to see to still enjoy their time in LA.

To all LA fans
I am really sorry for this situation

I know alot of you guys have been waiting for a long time and alot of you guys came from another city, country just to enjoy the show.

I hope you guys still have a good time in LA and enjoy the show

stay safe
and sorry again

— GOT7’s BamBam

BamBam is known for how much he cares about fans so it’s no surprise he would try to help fans make the most of their trip. After one fan shared what she had been doing during the day, BamBam replied with an address.

After some initial confusion, fans realized BamBam was sharing some of his favorite locations in the LA area!

One of the restaurants BamBam shared with a fan. | Google

Another fan tweeted they were “shooting their shot for a date“, and BamBam replied to them with the address of another restaurant as well! Most hilariously with this exchange, BamBam denied the date with the fan but offered a “replacement” date.

BamBam even offered to give K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin a restaurant suggestion as well!

It is easy to see how much BamBam cares about his fans and will do anything to try to cheer them up. His hilarious and kind true personality always shines through in tough times like these!

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