GOT7’s Jay B Just Proved He’s Definitely Yugyeom’s Biggest Fan

We can’t compete ✋

GOT7‘s Yugyeom has heard our cries and updated his Instagram with some new pictures of himself!

| @yugyeom/Instagram

He posted three similar but unique shots of himself individually to maintain his Instagram grid’s aesthetic. His photos give us a little bit of a general update of his recent schedules. Last time, he appeared to be at a studio, and in the new photos, it looks like he’s at a fitness center.

| @yugyeom/Instagram

We’re not the only ones, however, entranced by his handsome visuals. Composer and producer Code Kunst commented on his last picture, saying that Yugyeom looked like a fitness trainer!

You’re pulling off the popular fitness trainer vibes

— Code Kunst

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Yugyeom replied to Code Kunst’s comment shortly after. No one has to tell him… he knows he’s fine.

of course it’s possible

— Yugyeom

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Yugyeom might have a lot of fans and we all know that we love him, but there’s one person who is definitely the leader of Yugyeom’s fan club. It’s none other than Jay B himself.

Within a matter of minutes, he liked Yugyeom’s pictures. Of course, he commented too, and I think it’s safe to say that our leader speaks for all of us.

I’m super mad cuz you’re handsome

— Jay B

| @yugyeom/Instagram

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Looks like we’re all just going to have to get in line…

Source: @yugyeom (1) and (2) and Image