GOT7’s JB Exposed Yugyeom’s Rule-Breaking Ways And Ahgase Are Loving It

Yugyeom revealed JB had become less strict but that wasn’t the whole truth!

Being the leader of a very energetic group like GOT7, JB definitely has his work cut out for him reining them back in and calming things down. While JB’s always set some ground rules, it turns out that one person has decided to make his job that little more difficult by not following them at all!


GOT7 recently sat down with KBS‘s Studio K to talk about their latest album and the lyrics behind their songs. But GOT7 being GOT7, they also had everyone cracking up with plenty of hilarious moments including the moment JB called Yugyeom out for not following his rules.


It all started when they were asked if they feel more like adults now and JB began by letting everyone know that Yugyeom has become a little wild!

Well, our maknae Yugyeom was really kind, nice, soft. I mean he was. These days…

— JB


At the same time, however, JB admitted that he kind of likes Yugyeom’s wild side especially since it makes him feel closer.

There is no wall between us now but I kind of like it. He’s treating us like friends.

— JB


After hearing JB’s words, Yugyeom stepped in and revealed that one of the reasons he’s been treating his hyungs more like friends is because JB’s rules have become a lot less strict. Or at least that’s what he thought!

No, I’m trying to say that he has become a gentler now. He used to have stricter rules.

— Yugyeom


JB hilariously stepped in and not only revealed that he still kept a list of rules but that Yugyeom has just decided to ignore all of them!

I still do though. You just ignore them! If I draw a line between us, then you just kick it away!

— JB


While Yugyeom couldn’t help bursting into laughter when he heard JB’s words, he certainly wasn’t the only one! Ahgase couldn’t help cracking up over JB’s poor leader plight!


But a maknae has got to do what a maknae has got to do! Even if that means ignoring all your leader’s rules! Check out JB hilariously calling out Yugyeom and more in the video below: