GOT7’s Jay B Reveals That His Favorite Fashion Style Might Just Be Ahgase’s Least Favorite One

“I don’t think my fans like it…”

GOT7‘s Jay B revealed his most favored fashion style, but also revealed that it’s one that Ahgase’s would pretty much hate!

Jay B appeared as a guest on 1st Look‘s segment Please Take Care Of My Wardrobe, and talked about his personal and professional life!

When asked about his favorite fashion style, Jay B revealed that even though he does in fact have a favorite style, he thinks it’s his fans least favorite look on him!

In case of fashion styles that I like… I don’t think my fans like it, but… Rather than something neat, I like a grunge or vintage style. If possible, rather than buying new clothes, I wear clothes from a vintage shop.

—Jay B

He then talked more about the kind of prints he favors for his clothes!

People call it “finger marks”. I like things that have hand marks, and actually, I like things that vintage. I like the style that comes from things like that, and I am not the type who likes to show off by saying, “I look cool”.

—Jay B

Jay B’s got a killer fashion sense, and he looks great anytime, anyplace!

Watch him talk about it here!


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