GOT7’s Jay B Couldn’t Hide His Soft Spot For His Favorite Korean Actor

“He’s so cool these days.”

During GOT7‘s Jay B‘s interview with Vogue Thailand, the idol didn’t leave any room for debate regarding the actor he liked most.

JayB | @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

As soon as the magazine asked for his favorite Korean actor, Jay B didn’t need any time to think about the question. Proving his loyalty to his group, Jay B answered, “My favorite Korean actor is Jinyoung, definitely. Needless to say, obviously.

Jay B was proud of how well Jinyoung has executed his acting roles lately. Jay B praised him, “He’s so cool these days.

Even when they’re not working together, fans noticed that Jay B never fails to compliment the work Jinyoung does.

Jinyoung and Jay B. | @jaybnow_hr/Instagram

The heartwarming bond that Jay B and Jinyoung share will never be broken.


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