Ahgases Are Suspicious That GOT7 Jay B’s New Label Is His Own

It’s all very sus…

Earlier this week, H1GHR MUSIC recently revealed online that Sik-K and GOT7’s Jay B have decided to leave the agency after their contracts expired. Below is the official statement.

Hello. This is H1GHR MUSIC. Our contracts with Sik-K and JAY B have expired and we have agreed that it is best to continue their careers on a different path. We will always support them as family forever.


Shortly after, unknown label CDNZA Records released a post online welcoming Jay B.

Now, we are seeing more exchange between Jay B and his new label in his recent Instagram activities. He posted these photos below.

Thank you for always taking care of the ocean.

— Jay B

CDNZA Records commented, speaking on behalf of fans, requesting maskless photos.

| @jaybnow.hr/Instagram

Fans are requesting a selfie without a mask, Mr. Jaebeom. Please accept our request.

— CDNZA Records

He delivered almost immediately, posting a maskless selfie on Instagram Stories. He tagged the label, saying he was working hard.

| @jaybnow.hr/Instagram

Gotta work diligently

— Jay B

CDNZA Records not only reposted Jay B’s original post but then reposted the selfie…

| @cdnzarecords/Instagram

Thank you for the selfie ^0^

— CDNZA Records

The exchange kept going. Jay B reposted the repost from his label.

| @jaybnow.hr/Instagram

No problem ㅎㅎㅎ

— Jay B

Ahgases are suspicious that all this back-and-forth exchange was just Jay B and that CDNZA Records is his own self-started label.


@JAY B let me be your social media manager and I will help you with TikTok 😃 #jayb #got7 #kpop

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Considering Jay B has been so progressive in getting GOT7 not only freedom but all their copyrights and trademarks, we definitely would expect that he has started his own label with himself as the first artist! Besides, he appeared to have moved the trademarks to his own recording label. It just was a different name than CDNZA. Read more below.

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Source: jaybnow.hr