GOT7’s Jay B Misses BamBam But Won’t Admit It, Especially Not To Him

It’s okay, Jay B; we miss BamBam too!

GOT7‘s Jay B is definitely missing BamBam, but he just can’t admit it to him!

GOT7’s BamBam (left) hugging Jay B (right).

Leader Jay B shared a random still shot of an animated character with a message for BamBam without directly tagging him. Knowing BamBam, he’s always lurking anyways, so it didn’t matter whether he did or not. The implications were that the cartoon reminded the leader of BamBam.

BamBam, you must be super busy these days. You even came out here…

— Jay B

BamBam chose to interpret it as Jay B missed him so much that he saw BamBam in everything. So, BamBam teased him back!

Jay B refuted the claims, though!

Ahgases enjoyed witnessing the bickering between the two! There’s never a dull moment in this fandom.

Considering how busy BamBam truly is, we definitely wouldn’t blame Jay B for missing him! BamBam recently was in San Francisco to perform the halftime show at The Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA game. Now, he has returned to Thailand!

Distance can’t keep Jay B and BamBam from clowning each other! Read more below:

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