GOT7’s Jay B Debuts New Hairstyle, Showcasing His Duality In One Look

It’s like a combination of two of his most iconic looks!

GOT7‘s Jay B is back, and he’s looking better than ever!

Previously, Mark Tuan filled in for his leader as host of KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z JAY B’s R&B for a couple of weeks.

Now, Jay B is back in his role as the host of JAY B’s R&B, and something stood out to Ahgases…

Jay B returned with a new look, and we’re all loving it.

After a couple of weeks, Jay B is back with a sexy new hairstyle…

…that’s not so new as he has rocked long waves before.

Nevertheless, what makes the new look so special is that he also has an undercut!

It showcases his duality in one hairstyle!

Jay B is giving Ahgases two of their favorite hairstyles in one.

What do you think about Jay B’s new look?