GOT7 Jay B’s New Sexy Vogue Photoshoot Has Ahgases Thirsty AF

Tatted and shirtless Jay B?!

GOT7‘s Jay B has Ahgases (also known as iGOT7) in a frenzy after his recent photoshoot.

Jay B | @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

Jay B is featured in Vogue Korea‘s September 2022 issue, and he is serving a look unlike any we have seen before from him.

Most of the photoshoot is mysterious as it features the GOT7 leader in black-and-white.

It also features him in a variety of outfits from leather…

…to sexy trenchcoats…

…and even oversized jeans that radiate major boyfriend vibes.

Yet, some shots maintain the vintage aesthetic while being in color.

And if you have ever wondered what Jay B would look like with tattoos, now you know. Jay B is rocking not only tatts on his arms but even his neck and looking mighty fine. So, while he has said he likely wouldn’t get tattoos, we at least have this photoshoot.

If that wasn’t enough to make you swoon, Vogue Korea is keeping Ahgases beyond well-fed as there are several photos of Jay B literally in a bathtub. And, oh my gosh, those visuals…

Did we mention that he is also shirtless? So, be prepared to be wrecked if Jay B isn’t already your bias.

We never imagined we would be getting shirtless tatted Jay B, but here we are, and we are living for it.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jay B has done a bathtub photoshoot before, but obviously, this one stands out from the rest for obvious reasons.

Naturally, Ahgases have quite the reactions. Many are absolutely shook by Jay B’s duality, understandably so.

But the majority is just straight-up thirsty AF.


Life is sooooo UNFAIR 😩😭😭😭 #jayb #got7 #ahgase

♬ suara asli – udin – udin


TURN THE AC ON 🥵 #jayb #got7 #ahgase #vogue

♬ is this say yes to the dress – • Squeet •

And honestly like… Who can blame them?

Source: Vogue

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