GOT7’s Jay B Doesn’t Have As Much Body Modifications As You’d Think—Here’s Why He Doesn’t Have Tattoos

He’s not as into body modifications as he used to be.

While body modifications are becoming increasingly popular among idols these days, GOT7‘s Jay B was at one time one of the few idols who had any. As they are still somewhat taboo in South Korea, he was an idol who broke boundaries and crushed idol expectations by doing body modifications. And he had not just his ears pierced but also a nose piercing and an anti-eyebrow piercing. He captivated everyone with this look.

GOT7’s Jay B at 2020 Golden Disk Awards.

During this time, he felt passionate about body modifications too. He told Allure in an interview that his piercings came “on a whim.”

I wanted to show people that [piercings] aren’t a bad thing or good thing, but it’s a new cultural thing… I wanted it, so I got it. It’s my body and my life. So I just did it. I get the feeling that I’m responsible for my life when I get piercings.

— Jay B


Knowing he’s a fan of body modifications, it seemed like a great topic to discuss when interviewing him. So, in a new interview with Globe Kmunnity PH, Jay B was asked his top two favorite piercings.

Rather than pick his two favorite piercings, he revealed the reason why he initially liked body modifications. He then explained where all he got pierced.

First, I wanted to look different from others through my piercings. So, I did one here a long time ago (by his eye), and I also pierced my nose.

— Jay B

But, as one could tell from looking at Jay B, he is never seen with any piercings other than his ears these days. Last year, Ahgases were devastated when Jay B removed some of his piercings. So, Jay B has now shared the reason why he no longer wears them, explaining that it affected some activities.

But it affected my daily activities a bit so I got it taken off.

— Jay B

As for tattoos, he surprisingly has none, unlike his fellow GOT7 members. BamBam, Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, and Yugyeom all have tattoos. At this time, it appears that Jay B and Jinyoung are the only members with no tattoos. Although Jinyoung’s character in K-Drama The Devil Judge does have one, and we want it to be real.

And I don’t have tattoos at all on my body.

— Jay B

The reason why he has no tattoos is actually not because he personally didn’t want any but because his parents didn’t want him to get any. Who else can relate?

My parents really disliked it. They were very adamant for me not to do it. So I didn’t get tattoos because of that.

— Jay B

Perhaps, today, he might be thankful he chose to listen to his parents. He said that since he didn’t get any, he no longer feels like he wants them.

Since I didn’t go to do it anyway, the desire I had for it just disappeared.

— Jay B

In his earlier interview with Allure, Jay B revealed another reason to refrain from tattoos. He blamed it on indecisiveness. It’s hard to commit to a design!

I want one, but I change my mind [too often.] I have thought about the design, but then I think, Would this be better than this? Because of that, I haven’t been able to get one.

— Jay B

We think Jay B looks good with or without body modifications! Whatever he decides to do looks the best.

Source: @KmmunityPH, Teen Vogue and Allure