GOT7’s JB AKA “Piercing Guy” Hooks Non-Fans At The Golden Disc Awards

Everyone wanted to know who the guy with the piercings was:

As GOT7 mastered the red carpet, leveled up their cosplay game, and delivered stunning performances at the Golden Disc Awards, they were met with a whole lot of love not only from Ahgase but from non-fans too.


In particular, JB left everyone gasping for breath not only because of his intense charisma, stage presence, and visuals but also because of his new anti eyebrow piercing!


A few days ago, JB left the whole fandom quaking after a piercing studio uploaded a photo that was unmistakably JB onto their Instagram page. While the single photo already had everyone feeling seriously attacked, fans knew they were in for an even bigger attack at the awards ceremony and they were definitely right!


As soon as JB hit the red carpet he not only shook fans with the new look but even had non-fans looking to learn more about the “piercing guy.”


Check out more photos of JB Golden Disc Award visuals featuring his new piercing below: