GOT7’s Jay B Brings Back “Super Sexy Aegyo” With The Help Of Eric Nam

Does this make Eric Nam the eighth member of GOT7?

If you’re an Ahgase, you’re familiar with “Super Sexy Aegyo.” It’s an ongoing saga for the GOT7 members to request each other to do “super sexy” aegyo (acting cute) and even enlist Ahgase’s help by asking the members to do it too.

From left: GOT7’s Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Jay B, Jackson, Mark, and BamBam | seunierise/Tumblr

This is more than just an inside joke among the members. They have chosen super sexy aegyo as the penalty for a member when playing games on variety or radio shows.

They also tease each other online with it all of the time, whether it’s in the comment section of a member’s promotional post or on their personal story.

Comment section of Jackson Wang’s Instagram post. | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram
Jay B’s Instagram Story. |

Now, it’s no longer just between GOT7 themselves and the fandom. On episode 128 of DIVE StudiosDaebak Show w/ Eric Nam, GOT7’s leader Jay B was playing a game with host Eric Nam in which they had to stop spot the differences between two seemingly same pictures.

But, being that he’s not only a film major but a photographer, Jay B has the eyes for this kind of thing. So, naturally, he won. He reminded Eric that there must be a penalty for the loser.

Jay B: Aren’t you supposed to have a punishment now?

Eric Nam: What?

Jay B: Like aegyo?

Eric Nam: Huh?!

Eric told him that there is a penalty they have started doing in which the winner gets to post whatever they want on his social media. Previously, TXT‘s Yeonjun and Taehyun took over Eric’s Instagram. Jay B was just fine with being given access to Eric’s social media accounts because he knew exactly what he wanted to post. He wanted to post a video of Eric doing super sexy aegyo!

There’s actually a thing that’s still going around on GOT7. It’ called super sexy aegyo.

— Jay B

Shocked and perhaps horrified, Eric asked him, “What the heck is that?” So, Jay B first explained that it’s a thing that GOT7 will often do as penalties.

When we go to the visual radio, we pull a prank on one person and ask them to show us their super sexy aegyo. Just show me your own version of super sexy aegyo.

— Jay B

But, what exactly would this entail for Eric? How does one be both sexy and cute at the same time? To him, it seems like a double penalty! Jay B revealed that it’s simply a charismatic version of aegyo.

It’s just… passionate…

— Jay B

While it was a simple definition, Eric still needed some help and instruction from the “Super Sexy Aegyo Master” Jay B himself. While he was the winner, Jay B still did his own super sexy aegyo to teach Eric…

Eric then followed the guide, joining the super sexy aegyo club. While he was low-key disgusted with himself upon doing it, he handled his punishment well, and now the whole world can enjoy Eric’s super sexy aegyo!

You can watch Eric’s super sexy aegyo below:


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Watch a clip of Jay B’s episode of Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam here:

Source: DIVE Studios Highlights