GOT7’s Jay B Surprises Some Lucky Ahgases At His Parents’ Café, Gaining Praise For His Thoughtful Gestures

“People who went to Yogurbara are definitely God’s favorite.”

Some lucky Ahgases were lucky to run into GOT7‘s Jay B at his parents’ café, and they couldn’t help praising Jay B’s kindness when they met him.

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Jay B’s parents reportedly own a café called Yogurbara outside of Seoul. Ahgases have often visited the café, and not just because they hope to see Jay B there; his mom is said to make some amazing yogurt and bread!

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As a matter of fact, due to his busy schedule it is not often that fans get to see him there…

…but Ahgases are almost just as happy to see his mom. His parents have been known to always take good care of both Ahgases and the GOT7 members, so it’s no surprise that fans who met her claim she is a lovely person.

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Recently, however, Ahgases who were at Yogurbara proved to be particularly lucky when Jay B himself showed up.

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He could have simply greeted the fans and then left, but Jay B ended up holding a mini fansign at his parents’ café!

He not only took the time to interact with fans, take pictures…

…and hand out autographs, but he also reportedly brought pizza with him.

Many fans expressed their happiness for the lucky people who got to meet Jay B like this…and also admitted that they were (understandably) jealous.

Jay B has consistently proven his kind nature throughout his career as a K-Pop idol, while at the same time doing his best to maintain a healthy relationship with his fans. This is why Ahgases will continue to support him unconditionally, especially now that he’s left H1GHR MUSIC to embark on a new journey with record label CDNZA Records. In fact, some are even joking that now it’s hard to tell whether he owns a company or not!

Ahgases will be there for Jay B just as much as he is for them!