GOT7’s Jay B Shows His True Personality As He Gets Real About How He’s Changed Since Debut — And How He’s Still The Same

He couldn’t have been more honest!

GOT7‘s Jay B opened up about the ways in which he thinks he has changed as a person since his debut, as well as the way he thinks he has remained the same. In doing so, he showcased his true underlying personality.

Jay B | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

In a recent interview with Thai magazine Sudsapda, Jay B spilled his thoughts on everything from his favorite track in GOT7’s 2022 comeback album, GOT7, to how he felt about the process of acquiring the trademark rights to the group.

| sudsapda tv/YouTube

He also revealed what he really thinks of JYP Entertainment‘s CEO Jung Wook, and while his words proved he is a singularly humble person, the interview with Sadsapda revealed even more than that. Jay B was asked, “Since debut until now, which part of yourself has changed and which part has not?” His answer couldn’t have been more honest.

| sudsapda tv/YouTube

He believes that he has become a sweeter, more thoughtful person, hilariously saying, “I’m kinda sweeter than ever.” Not in the way he talks, but rather in the way he thinks.

Where Jay B used to be somewhat inflexible, he thinks he is now more open-minded. He explained that, now, “It’s more like, that’s alright, this situation can happen.”

It’s never easy to admit something like that, but Jay B proves he’s a truly thoughtful person (and leader!) by appreciating the value of being open-minded. Yet, the way in which he has remained the same since debut says just as much about him.

According to Jay B, the one thing about him that never changed since he made his debut is his intention to live well. He said, “We only live once, so I have to live well.”

It seems like the way in which he has grown and the way in which he’s remained the same go hand-in-hand: his desire to ‘live well’ means Jay B has continuously grown as a person, including by becoming a more thoughtful and empathetic person!

If you’d like to see the full clip from the interview, you can do so on the link below.

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