GOT7’s Jay B Spills On How He Got GOT7’s Trademark Rights — And What He Really Thinks Of JYP Entertainment’s CEO Jung Wook

“The thing that Mr. Jung Wook of JYP did…”

GOT7‘s Jay B got real about what the process of acquiring the trademark rights to GOT7 was like for him—and what his thoughts on JYP Entertainment‘s CEO, Jung Wook, really are.


In May of 2022, GOT7 became the first group in K-Pop history to leave one of the biggest labels in the industry, stay together, and become fully self-owned.

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Leader Jay B was instrumental in making that happen since he carried out the process almost single-handedly. His dedication to his group earned him plenty of well-deserved praise, especially since acquiring the rights was not exactly easy. In a recent interview with Sudsapda, Jay B opened up about what some of the most difficult parts of the process were, revealing that a major difficulty had been getting the rights to GOT7’s units.

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The problem was that some of GOT7’s members live or often spend time abroad, including Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, and BamBam. Therefore, getting their signatures as a significant obstacle. Jay B tried to devise a way to get all the members’ signatures, but it ultimately took a long time because they were forced to wait until they visited Korea again to do it.

Then, Jay B got candid about what he really thinks of JYP Entertainment’s CEO, Jung Wook. When GOT7 made their first comeback as a self-owned group in May, they revealed that Jung Wook and the company’s founder, J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young or JYP), did not hesitate to grant the group’s rights to the members.

Jay B showcased his true humble personality as he claimed that CEO Jung Wook’s willingness to give GOT7 the trademark rights to their name was “bigger than what I did.”

While the members are thankful for Jung Wook and J.Y. Park’s willing cooperation, Jay B revealed he even felt guilt toward him. The reason why? Because it took him a long time to prepare the documents for the acquisition of the trademark rights.

Eventually, Jay B was able to get all his members to sign the papers one by one, and with the helpful cooperation of Jung Wook and JYP Entertainment, GOT7 became a self-owned group.

Jay B has expressed his appreciation for Jung Wook’s positive response to GOT7’s requesting their trademark rights before, claiming that even his lawyer told him it’s not normally this easy. When he was asked about the matter at GOT7’s comeback press conference in May, Jay B made sure to give Jung Wook his deepest thanks for making the process as easy as possible.

While it’s fortunate that GOT7 were able to obtain the rights to their name without unnecessary hassle, hopefully Jay B also remembers to give himself more credit!

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