How J.Y. Park And JYP Entertainment Reacted When GOT7 Asked For The Trademark Rights To Their Name

“If we weren’t able to use our name, it’d be like losing our souls.” — Jay B

A recent interview with GQ Australia reveals what the process of obtaining the trademark rights to GOT7 was like for the members—and the unexpected response they got from JYP Entertainment and its founder J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young and JYP) when they made their request.

J.Y. Park with GOT7 | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

Leader Jay B proved to have been hard at work over the past year to ensure that the group not only stayed together but also that they come back as a fully self-owned group.

Fans have been praising him for his incredible commitment since he has led his group to achieve something that no other K-Pop group has ever done: acquiring the rights to GOT7.

And on May 12, 2022, the full trademarks right to GOT7 were officially transferred to all 7 members, making K-Pop history.

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But one question that has probably been on many people’s minds is, how did J.Y. Park and JYP Entertainment react when GOT7 requested the rights to the group? As it turns out, the process was surprisingly easy.

According to journalist Taylor Glasby (who spent a week with GOT7 while they prepared for their 2022 comeback), when J.Y. Park and Jung Wook (current CEO of JYP Entertainment) received GOT7’s request, J.Y. Park accepted it immediately.

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In fact, in an interview with W Korea, BamBam said that he thinks J.Y. Park must be very proud of the members right now!

I think the people who took care of us in the past and PD Park Jin Young would be proud of who we are now.

— BamBam

Youngjae and BamBam

That’s not to say, however, that the process wasn’t slow. There were many difficulties, and the members (Jay B in particular) had to work really hard to make it happen. When asked what they would have done if it hadn’t been possible to acquire the rights, Jay B claimed that it wouldn’t really have been an option for GOT7 to not own their own name.

If we weren’t able to use our name, it’d be like losing our souls. It’s not that we wouldn’t do group activities, but we’d have tried to get our name first.

— Jay B

| @GOT7/Twitter

Luckily, everything worked out…with the best results! GOT7 has now been able to make a successful comeback as a fully self-owned group, and has proven that they are only just getting started!

Make sure to celebrate by checking out their new MV on the link below.

Source: GQ Australia and W Korea