GOT7 Makes History As All Trademark Rights Are Reportedly Officially Transferred To The Seven Members


Ahgases are celebrating as the members of GOT7 officially receive the full trademark rights to the group, making K-Pop history. GOT7 is officially a self-owned group!

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Previously, fans were praising leader Jay B when he moved to moved to trademark his own recording label, 528Hz, making him the third member of GOT7 to become CEO of his own company. Jay B had also reportedly filed for the rights to album production, lightsticks, live performances and more.

Soon after, it was revealed that he had actually obtained the rights to GOT7’s unit names, and that he now officially shares ownership of them with the corresponding members. Given that such a move is unprecedented in the K-Pop industry, Ahgases couldn’t stop praising Jay B for all the hard work he put in to not only keeping GOT7 together, but to giving the group total creative freedom.

Now, as of May 12, all seven members of GOT7 are officially the legal owners of the full trademark rights to the group!

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This marks the beginning of a whole new era—not only for GOT7, but for the industry as a whole. As proud Ahgases are pointing out, GOT7 are the only group in K-Pop who have ever managed to do something like this, especially as a group coming from one of the powerful ‘Big 3’ companies.

And as if becoming a self-owned group wasn’t enough of an achievement, GOT7’s comeback is already proving to be a huge success. Not only have they warmed fans’ hearts with little references to beloved moments from the past, but they’re also doing really well in terms of sales without the need for a major entertainment company to back them.

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Now that GOT7 is proving what they’re capable of, there is a whole new slew of endless possibilities…

…and one thing is clearer than ever: we really need a documentary!

Ahgases couldn’t be more proud of GOT7. With these history-making moves, this comeback is already set to be one of the most iconic of all time! Congratulations to GOT7!

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