GOT7’s Jay B Reveals What Fans Can Expect From Him As A Solo Artist And Producer

He might do more than just music…

GOT7‘s Jay B is a busy man. He is not only the beloved leader of one of the most successful K-Pop groups, but he is now also a solo artist and producer.

GOT7’s Jay B |

Bandwagon recently interviewed Jay B since his departure from JYP Entertainment, asking about his recent schedule and life changes.

Now, as an artist signed under Jay Park‘s H1GHR MUSIC, he has already begun working on original music while having more freedom to explore different styles. His first release is “Switch It Up,” a mature and sexy R&B track created with rapper sokodomo and his labelmate, producer Cha Cha Malone.

Everyone that I worked with was all very nice that we had no trouble and had fun working on it.

— Jay B

“Switch It Up” | H1GHER MUSIC

While he has already successfully collaborated with two artists, he shared that collaborating is actually a main goal for him.

My first goal in H1GHR MUSIC is to collaborate with other H1GHR MUSIC artists and blend well into their synergy.

— Jay B

Jay B is a man of many talents and many names, one of those being his producer persona def. He revealed that he is preparing to introduce Ahgases to more sides of himself.

I think that def. is a more casual version of me. JAY B would show a relatively cooler and prepared side.

— Jay B

| @JAYBDEF___/Twitter

He also shared that we will be hearing and seeing new stuff from def. soon as he hinted that he might release not just music. We already know that he is a photographer, so he might possibly do more in that realm.

I’m also going to release music as def. when it is ready. And I’m planning to try various things other than music as def.

— Jay B

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jay B!

Check out “Switch It Up” below:

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