GOT7’s JAY B Updated His Social Media Accounts And Finally Got Verified

Congrats, JAY B! 🥳

Since GOT7‘s departure from JYP Entertainment, a lot of changes have been taking place. As an example, leader JB is now JAY B. Of course, with comes a name change also comes having to make some changes to one’s social media accounts. He mentioned previously on his Instagram that he wanted to merge his two accounts.


A man of his word, JAY B did just that. He originally had two Instagram accounts and has now combined them. He changed one account’s display name from def.cnvs to “combined” and changed the bio to to lead followers to his main account.

| @def.cnvs/Instagram

He has also changed his profile picture and bio on his main account and linked his YouTube channel. As a free agent, JAY B probably no longer has to feel like he has to divide the various parts of his life.  


He has also been very active on social media in general lately, even replying to fans’ posts. In a post commenting on his stage name change, saying that he is “no more JB,” he replied, “Well… that’s not exactly true…”

| @igot7.7gods/Instagram

Shortly after the changes to his Instagram accounts, his Twitter account then got verified!

| @JAYBDEF___/Twitter

A lot of changes are happening fast for the GOT7 members and we’re here for it!

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