GOT7’s JB To Share His Artwork In His Very First Exhibit Called “ALONE”

JB his holding his first art exhibition:

Although GOT7‘s JB has shared glimpses of his artwork before, for the first time ever he will be showcasing his work through an art exhibition!

Sharing the news through teasers on GOT7’s official SNS, the upcoming exhibition called ALONE will be held under the name of Def. Def (also known as Defsoul) is the name JB uses as a producer especially on Soundcloud as well as for his second Instagram account @def.cnvs where he shares more of his artistic side.

The upcoming exhibit will be the first time that he will be showing his artwork professionally. Furthermore, he expressed his hopes that those who come to see his exhibit will look at his artwork, find comfort in it, and forget about their hardships for a while.

His exhibit, meanwhile, will be running from October 6 through October 12 at the Erolpa cafe in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.


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