Here’s How GOT7 Jinyoung’s Attitude Landed Him A Role In K-Drama “The Devil Judge,” As Revealed By The Scriptwriter

“It was that very attitude that made us fall for Jinyoung.”

GOT7‘s very own acting genius Jinyoung has been busy with his role as the rookie judge Kim Ga On in tvN‘s new mystery series, The Devil Judge. The legal K-Drama is set in a dystopian South Korea, where there is complete societal chaos in the country. To battle the ongoing evils happening within the nation, trials are held in a live courtroom televised show, where the public can tune in to watch the criminal proceedings in a reality show-like broadcast.

GOT7’s Jinyoung (left) and Ji Sung (right) in “The Devil Judge” poster | tvN

The unique dystopian series was written by scriptwriter Moon Yoo Seok, who once used to work as a former judge. In an interview, the scriptwriter discussed the K-Drama, including the behind-the-scenes story of how the GOT7 member was cast as Kim Ga On.

GOT7’s Jinyoung as Ga On.

Moon Yoo Seok shared that at the audition site, both him and the director of the series were present. During the audition, he revealed that he asked Jinyoung one simple question.

Moon Yoo Seok: “Did you read over the script many times?”

However, the scriptwriter revealed that Jinyoung replied with a surprising “no.”

Jinyoung: “No I didn’t.”

Moon Yoo Seok shared, however, that it was Jinyoung’s follow-up response that left a strong impression on him and the director of The Devil Judge.

Jinyoung responded, ‘It’s not like you’re going to offer me the role anyways.’ I think he said it with the mindset of, ‘you’re going to cast someone more famous than I am.’

— Moon Yoo Seok

The scriptwriter then revealed that it was Jinyoung’s “rebellious” response that made the production team cast him for Kim Ga On’s role.

He didn’t get intimidated by me or the director, who are much older than him. The fire burning in his eyes as he rebelliously spoke was very spot on with Ga On’s character.

— Moon Yoo Seok

Jinyoung’s “rebellious” attitude didn’t last very long, however, as Moon Yoo Seok revealed that the GOT7 member had fibbed about the script reading.

After speaking with him, we found out that he had read through the script and the synopsis over 100 times.

— Moon Yoo Seok

The Devil Judge scriptwriter continued by sharing how impressed he was with Jinyoung’s work ethic and his attention to detail.

He knew every detail, even things that I didn’t even think about. He asked a lot of questions about his character portrayal. It was that very attitude that made us fall for Jinyoung.

— Moon Yoo Seok

Moon Yoo Seok concluded his praises for the GOT7 member by confessing that everything about Jinyoung was perfect for Kim Ga On’s role in The Devil Judge.

I thought, ‘this is it! This is Ga On!’ He’s sincere, talented, and he yearns — but he also has a hidden professionalism and anger. I thought to myself, ‘Ga On is already here before us.’

— Moon Yoo Seok

What a story! Jinyoung truly is perfect for the role of Kim Ga On in The Devil Judge and we couldn’t be more excited to see how his character develops throughout the series. You can watch scriptwriter Moon Yoo Seok’s full interview down below!

Be sure to check out the official trailer for The Devil Judge, which airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN down below as well.

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