GOT7’s Jinyoung And Jay B Reunite, Creating Many New Iconic Memes

Chaos always ensues with them!

GOT7‘s Jay B returned as host for his radio program KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z JAY B’s R&B since fellow member Mark Tuan filled in for him the past couple of weeks.

Jay B (left) and Jinyoung (right). | @stationz89.1/Instagram

Better yet, he was joined by another member for this Wednesday’s episode. It was none other than Jinyoung, so it was a JJ Project reunion!

Now, the only GOT7 members yet to guest on JAY B’s R&B are Jackson Wang and technically Mark Tuan, although he hosted. Yet, since all the members are in Korea right now, it’s only a matter of time!

Of course, anytime GOT7 members get together, chaos ensues, and it is no different with Jay B and Jinyoung.

There were many moments from the new episode that instantly became memes…

…from the way Jay B looks at Jinyoung…

…to their reaction to Yugyeom‘s voice!

Not to mention them recreating the iconic dance battle from Dream High 2!

The meme-worthy moments are endless.

Not @ Jay B literally doing “the Debby Ryan” meme.

Still, Jinyoung consistently delivered ones to go in history books and Ahgases’ meme folders on their phones.

Jinyoung is literally us when we watch GOT7 videos.

Yet, one particular moment stood out. It’s Jinyoung pulling out an earbud and getting up from his seat!

It’s giving “Ight Imma head out.”

GOT7 forever remain some of the most effortlessly funny idols!