GOT7’s Jinyoung Jokes About Former Boss J.Y. Park During His Speech At The “2023 Baeksang Arts Awards”

JYP Entertainment artists, past and present, always have something to say about J.Y. Park!

As of late, GOT7‘s Jinyoung has remained incredibly busy both music-wise and with his acting career.

GOT7’s Jinyoung | Marie Claire Korea

The idol actor earned praise for his dual role in the psychological thriller, A Christmas Carol. Between filming different projects, he also found time to release his first solo album, Chapter 0: With.

Christmas Carol poster | D-Station

Jinyoung has been winding down his activities due to his upcoming mandatory military enlistment. The idol actor revealed that he would enlist on  May 8, with his final public schedule being his appearance at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

The artist was nominated for two awards, the “TikTok Popularity Award” and the “Best New Actor (Film)” for his performance in A Christmas Carol. The artist secured the “TikTok Popularity Award” alongside IU, a testament to their popularity.

IU (left) and Jinyoung (right) accepting their awards. | TikTok

Fans were thrilled when Jinyoung was announced as the “Best New Actor (Film)” winner, and the artist seemed surprised to have won.

During his speech, he couldn’t help but joke to ease some of his nervousness, bringing back an old joke regarding his name.

GOT7 debuted under JYP Entertainment, and its founder, J.Y. Park, shares the same real name as Jinyoung (Park Jinyoung). When Jinyoung debuted, his stage name was Jr., to reflect on that fact.

Jinyoung changed his name twice, first to Junior, then finally to his real name Jinyoung. As you can imagine, sharing his name with the founder of his entertainment company at the time probably led to many confusing moments.

| Knowing Brothers

While accepting his award, Jinyoung introduced himself, saying, “You must be surprised hearing my name. It’s my real name,” bringing back the old joke!

Fans loved that he hasn’t forgotten the joke even years later!


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