GOT7’s Jinyoung And Kim Go Eun Make Surprise Cameo In Park Min Young’s K-Drama “Love In Contract”

Viewers were in for a very pleasant surprise!

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Viewers were surprised to see Yumi’s Cells 2 stars Kim Go Eun and GOT7‘s Jinyoung in Park Min Young‘s new K-Drama Love In Contract.

Park Min Young (left) and Ko Gyung Pyo (right) | tvN
Kim Go Eun (left) and GOT7’s Jinyoung (right) | TVING

Currently, Park Min Young stars as Choi Sang Eun, a contract marriage master in tvN‘s latest K-Drama Love In Contract. It is airing on Wednesday and Thursday and is available for international viewers to watch via Rakuten Viki.

Choi Sang-Eun (Park Min-Young) is an attractive woman, with talent and charm. She works as a contract marriage master. Her job is to help her client have a perfect single life. She transforms herself for each of her clients. Her client Jung Ji-Ho (Ko Gyung-Pyo) has been in a marriage contract with her for 5 years, running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week. Jung Ji-Ho is a mysterious man. Her new client Kang Hae-Jin (Kim Jae-Young) is a popular actor. She has a marriage contract with him on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Choi Sang-Eun becomes involved with her 2 clients and finds herself in a love triangle.

— AsianWiki

From left: Ko Gyung Pyo, Park Min Young, and Kim Jae Young in “Love in Contract.”

In Episode 7, Choi Sang Eun keeps pondering how she drunkenly kissed her longtime client Jung Ji Ho. At this time, the two are not honest about their real feelings due to their complicated “work relationship.”

Yet, now that they’ve technically had their first kiss, she can’t stop thinking about it. Whether it’s at dinnertime…

…or while watching a K-Drama, it’s on her mind.

| tvN

So, while doing yoga in her free time, she was multi-tasking, watching K-Drama Yumi’s Cells 2. And it just so happened to be one of the steamier scenes.

Choi Sang Eun, who had been distracted with yoga, suddenly got her attention completely captured as Yumi, portrayed by Kim Go Eun, and Yoo Bobby (also romanized as Yoo Ba Bi), performed by Jinyoung, kissed.

The characters’ kiss only deepened. Choi Sang Eun got closer to the screen as Yumi and Bobby began making out.

Viewers were shocked to see the “cameo” in Love In Contract. They were certainly not expecting to see Kim Go Eun and Jinyoung, especially not that scene of all scenes from Yumi’s Cells 2. 

But it surely did make Choi Sang Eun even more relatable. Her reaction was like many of ours when we first watched that scene!

Check out fellow GOT7 member BamBam‘s reaction to the kiss scene below.

GOT7 BamBam’s Reaction To Jinyoung’s Kiss Scene In “Yumi’s Cells” Is So Him

Source: Asian Wiki


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