GOT7 Jinyoung Opens Up About His Kiss Scene With Shin Ye Eun

“Our director said it was awkward…”

GOT7‘s Jinyoung recently talked about his kiss scene with Shin Ye Eun in their latest drama He is Psychometric.

Jinyoung explained that it was nice working with Shin Ye Eun as they are both managed under JYP Entertainment and therefore, were able to find common ground and practice together at their company’s practice rooms.

This was our first long drama for the both of us so it was nice that we could film while being motivated together. Since we’re from the same company, we can use the practice rooms together. I think we developed good chemistry as we talked and shared about things we didn’t know.

ㅡ Jinyoung


Jinyoung also mentioned their cute kiss scene, stating that he was often scolded by the director because of their awkwardness.

I was scolded a lot. Our director said it was ‘awkward’ so I just did exactly what he told me to do. I think that’s why it came out well.

ㅡ Jinyoung


When asked whether he was concerned about how his fans would take the kiss scene, Jinyoung replied that his fans would probably receive it well since it was work-related.

My fans will probably think of it as oppa’s business. Of course there may be some fans who are hurt because of it, but there are fans who are happy after seeing it. I made an effort so that I don’t disappoint them.

ㅡ Jinyoung


With He is Psychometric having come to an end, Jinyoung will soon be making a comeback with GOT7 through their new album SPINNING TOP on May 20 and embark on a new world tour starting with their June 15 and 16 performances.

Source: Sports Chosun