GOT7’s Jinyoung Opens A Twitter Account, And Ahgases Are Already Hilariously Exposing BamBam

And so a whole new era of Twitter shenanigans begins…

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has finally joined his members on Twitter with a new account. And naturally, it has not taken long for chaos to immediately ensue.

Following their comeback on May 23, GOT7 sat down to answer fan questions during a Twitter Blueroom Live. Jinyoung was asked if he had any plans to open an account, and at the time he hesitated to answer in the affirmative, claiming that he wasn’t very good at social media.

| @GOT7/Twitter

Barely a week later, Jinyoung now has a verified Twitter account, which he inaugurated on May 28 by tweeting a picture of himself with the caption, “I made it!!”

BamBam, being the Twitter Meme King that he is, commented under Jinyoung’s picture with a hilarious meme of Jinyoung turning into the classic meme character Pepe The Frog…

…after first demanding that Jinyoung follow him, to which Jinyoung replied “thank u.” Jinyoung’s somewhat odd reply to the follow request led many fans to believe that he accidentally replied to the wrong tweet, possibly mistaking BamBam’s tweet for Jay B‘s, who commented on Jinyoung’s picture with “So cute.”

BamBam had an answer for that too, of course, replying to Jay B’s sweet comment with a hilarious gif of a dog.

Jinyoung may been the subject of some BamBam’s funniest Twitter memes, yet BamBam’s tweets so far seem to suggest he’s not too concerned about him uncovering the past. But Ahgases have the receipts and are now hilariously spilling everything to Jinyoung, who is  sure to find out about all of BamBam’s legendary memes soon enough.

Since Jinyoung himself claims social media is not his strong suit, many Ahgases have hilariously pointed out we still may not hear much from him…

…but that doesn’t mean we don’t urgently need to see his reaction to BamBam’s memes!

After all, now that Jinyoung is on Twitter, this may be the start of a new era of bickering for the members, as fans speculate that BamBam may now potentially move on from Jay B to Jinyoung.

As soon as he sees what he has to deal with, Jinyoung may feel some regret…

…but ultimately, Ahgases and his members are more than happy to have him here!

Now we have a whole new era of Twitter shenanigans to look forward to, and Ahgases are more than ready!

Source: Twitter