GOT7’s BamBam Strikes Again With Twitter Memes, This Time Targeting Jinyoung

The BamBam Twitter saga continues.

GOT7 fans are no strangers to crazy and hilarious Twitter antics between their favorite idols, especially not with BamBam being a part of the team.

There have been many times in which BamBam has amused fans by teasing his fellow members on social media, and in some cases it has even escalated to the point of becoming a hilarious ongoing battle, such as with BamBam and leader Jay B‘s famous workout challenge. Most recently, however, BamBam has targeted the ‘mom of the group,’ Jinyoung.

BamBam ‘sneakily’ took to Twitter and posted a grainy and unflattering image of Jinyoung, saying “I don’t think he know what I did here” with a shushing face and a smirking face emoji.

Fans were quick to join in on the fun, with one person asking BamBam, “What happen if he know?

… To which BamBam hilariously replied that Jinyoung had no idea he had even tweeted about Jinyoung’s drama, so there was nothing to worry about!

Of course, the cheeky tweet in question was this priceless post about Jinyoung dressed as a woman in a scene from Yumi‘s Cells, which BamBam captioned, “he finally become a real mom.

Things didn’t quite end there, as fans pointed out that Jinyoung will definitely find out soon…

…but also sent BamBam some more material to tease Jinyoung with, which BamBam happily retweeted.

Of course, BamBam also had the opportunity to tease Jinyoung in person recently, as GOT7 had a surprise reunion with 5 of the 7 members for Youngjae‘s first fan-signing event. During the event, Jinyoung explained that he was currently filming the second season of Yumi’s Cells, and when he asked BamBam if he had watched the first season BamBam replied, “I thought your long hair was edited at first.

Thankfully, the reunion also gave Jinyoung a chance to tease BamBam as well, and he used it to comment on BamBam’s sunglasses and on the look he wore to the event, with the members also teasingly agreeing that it looked like BamBam was at his own fan-signing. But funnily enough, fans suspect that this is what provoked BamBam’s Twitter onslaught against Jinyoung in the first place!

It’s amazing to see the members of GOT7 together again, but it’s also very heartening to see that even when they’re apart they still share that comfortable, sibling-like relationship that allows them to have such fun banter on social media. Fans are always ready to see more, and thankfully the members (and BamBam in particular) never disappoint!