GOT7’s Jinyoung Was So Unhappy That He Nearly Left The Entertainment Industry

“Jinyoung was unhappy, he estimates, 60-70% of the time.”

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is a true all-rounder. He can sing, dance, write songs, and act. Yet, he nearly left the entertainment industry.

GOT7’s Jinyoung | @GOT7/Twitter

Since GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, Jinyoung explored more in terms of acting. He starred in K-Dramas The Devil Judge and Yumi’s Cells and recently the Netflix film Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.

Jinyoung in “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.” | Netflix

In a new interview with GQ Australia and GOT7, he opened up and revealed that recently he had a major personal shift internally. He personally shared that previously he was “quiet” and “stern” despite the group’s reputation of being talkative and “chaotic,” and his fellow members were even “uncomfortable” around him.

You’ve seen me in the past few days, I’m very light and playful with my members… that’s what’s changed. Before, when we went overseas or had schedules, I’d be the quiet, stern one. I just felt like I had to be that person. I was too, too serious. The members were somewhat uncomfortable around me [when I was like that] and I felt like even though I was trying my best, I wasn’t being honest.

— Jinyoung

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According to journalist Taylor Glasby (who spent a week with GOT7 while they prepared for their 2022 comeback), “Jinyoung was unhappy, he estimates, 60-70% of the time.” It even caused him to consider leaving the entertainment industry. Still, he chose to stay. Glasby shared Jinyoung’s reasons for staying, saying, “He wanted to leave the industry but stayed knowing how much people believed in him – his fans, family, his members. People liked him, but, he laughs, people like him much more now.”

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Jinyoung is now happier and more comfortable. It takes everyone, even the best of us, time to find ourselves and become confident truly.

By 2021, I felt so uncomfortable with my personality. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was about me and the way I looked at the world. I’d always blamed others – why did they do this or that? – and thought I wasn’t the problem, they were. But looking at myself in an unbiased way, I felt like, ‘I’m not perfect, I have my own flaws’. And when I realised that, I realised I had to change. For this team promotion, it’s such a period of happiness for me because now I know how to act towards the members. I feel more comfortable.

— Jinyoung

| @GOT7/Twitter

So, during the group’s current comeback, Jinyoung is more active and lively than ever before. In GOT7’s comeback show Come and get it, GOT7on NAVER NOW., Jinyoung volunteered to play multiple games and challenges, even if it was very embarrassing. 

For this team promotion, it’s such a period of happiness for me because now I know how to act towards the members. I feel more comfortable.

— Jinyoung

Jinyoung (left) and BamBam (right). | NAVER NOW.

Likewise, during the live broadcast, Jinyoung was asked to reveal a TMI, particaruly, what are his concerns when he does acting. He surprised the members by answering, “I have no concerns.” 

I have no concerns. I try not to be concerned.

— Jinyoung

We’re proud to see how far Jinyoung has come through the years and especially glad that he chose to stay in the industry!

Jinyoung shared similar sentiments in his interview with W Korea. He described the pressures he felt as an artist.

Last year, the loneliness and anxiety were enormous as [the members and I] dispersed to different companies. I’ve been a singer and actor in parallel before, but I’ve never been completely alone. It was only at the beginning of this year that I found stability.

— Jinyoung

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Source: GQ Australia

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