JYP Entertainment Issues Warning To GOT7 Sasaengs With New Blacklist Rules

They sent a warning with their violation list:

With GOT7‘s next comeback right around the corner, JYP Entertainment is proving they are taking their privacy very seriously with a new set of rules.


In the past, JYP Entertainment has not been shy about setting some ground rules to help combat inappropriate, offensive, and dangerous behavior directed towards their artists. And now they’ve just given another update to their blacklist policy.


Posting their statement through GOT7’s official social media channels, as well as on each members’ Instagram pages, JYP Entertainment listed out the new rules while stating that the invasion of privacy doesn’t just harm GOT7 but those in the area of the offenses as well.

These illegal acts violate the privacy and personal rights of GOT7 as well as cause an inconvenience to local residents and visitors.

— JYP Entertainment


These new rules also came with a warning that legal action would be taken if necessary. With the new rules in place, JYP Entertainment proved they’re serious about protecting GOT7’s privacy. Read the full statement below:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are posting this notice to update the blacklist standards regarding GOT7’s schedule.

Please take note, if an individual is found doing the acts listed below, they will be included in the blacklist and will face permanent disadvantages.

1. Waiting for GOT7 on private schedule near JYP Entertainment center, practice room, house, workroom, etc.

2. Following GOT7’s vehicle to the JYP center, the practice room, the house, the workshop, or any destination.

3. Following the personal movements of a GOT7 member.

4. Following GOT7 in the airport after an immigration inspection

5. Initiating physical contact with GOT7 members at any schedule, official or unofficial, in areas including the JYP Entertainment center, practice rooms, workrooms, homes, and airports.

6. Any instance of fraudulent activity related to broadcast schedules like acts that negatively affect the entire fandom such as selling or buying attendance slots and taking photos or video during pre-recordings.

7. Any issue involving safety like running onto roads and following GOT7’s car or severely pushing other artists or fans to take photos.

We wish to emphasize violations that take place in front of GOT7’s home and work studios including:

– Waiting in front of the buildings

– Continually observing for long periods of time

– Taking photos or recordings without permission

– Entering spaces without permission

– Staying close to or initiating physical contact to follow personal schedules

– Asking a third party to help others do any of the above

These illegal acts violate the privacy and personal rights of GOT7 as well as cause an inconvenience to local residents and visitors. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we will take legal action against these acts if necessary.

We thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga