JYP Entertainment Continues to Strengthen Blacklist Rules for GOT7

JYP Entertainment is not only calling for physical protection of GOT7, but also for the protection of their privacy with explicit clear additions to the blacklist rules.

The company originally took action last May in order to combat inappropriate, offensive, and dangerous behavior directed toward TWICE, GOT7, and other JYP Entertainment artists. Fans had been given a fair amount of freedom up until then, but after scandals involving gifts from fans at events, the company decided to make their rules very clear and pursue legal action against those who violate them.

Even though the rules governing fansites and the interactions between fans and idols might feel like common sense to most, boundaries were still being crossed by some fans even after stricter rules were implemented.

The list of offenses was updated in order to specifically include invasions of privacy:

We issued warnings against home pages who took pictures and uploaded the images taken on December 14th during their non-public immigration process and even sent out the initial warning list.

However the infringement upon the privacy of artists is still ongoing.

Especially actions stated below that take place in front of their dorms:

– Hiding and waiting for them
– Spying on the members for a prolonged time
– Recording or taking videos of them without permission
– Entering the parking lot or dorm without permission
– Getting too close and following them on their personal schedules
– Or having another do the actions above in your stead or aiding in such actions.”

JYP Entertainment

All of these actions were covered by the original statements which stated not to follow GOT7, wait for, or touch them, but some fans disregarded the rules and continued to harass the group. In an effort to combat this harassment, JYP Entertainment has made themselves very clear.

“To those who partake in those illegal activities and infringe on the rights of the artists and/or become a nuisance to the locals we are planning to take strong action according to the law of the criminal nature. And all activities that stem from such actions will be dealt with in the very same manner.”

-JYP Entertainment

Still, some fans have not taken the rules seriously and have continued with illegal behaviors. Last year, Jackson had to beg fans to leave him alone and received a lot of attention after having to get down on his knees. Yugyeom was filmed in the bathroom and a blacklisted fansite responded with taunts when put on the blacklist.

JYP Entertainment has stated that offenders will face legal repercussions. Even one offense will result in being blacklisted and investigated. The situations have gotten so out of hand and dangerous that the company is now taking more action to use legal power and maintain a strong handle on offenders.