What GOT7 Will Be Like In Ten Years, According To Mark Tuan

He reflected on the past, present, and future.

In GOT7‘s interview for their feature in the June issue of W Korea magazine, Mark Tuan reflected on the past, present, and future.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan

Mark was asked, “If you can go back to the past, what moment do you want to go to?” He would like to go back to his trainee days if he could.

Maybe… When I was trainee? That was the most fun days for me. When we were preparing our team. I think it was fun.

— Mark Tuan

Additionally, he talked about current goals. So, he was asked, “Is there anything you want to achieve this year?” Already, he has achieved one of the two!

This year? I have two. 1. Comeback of GOT7. 2. Releasing solo album.

— Mark Tuan

W Korea also had Mark look to the future. He was asked, “What is the future you’re dreaming of?” And, his response was admirable.

Just living happily? I don’t have any kind of goal for now. I’m trying to live a happy day.

— Mark Tuan

And, of course, we all hope to be with GOT7 forever, so he was asked to imagine the group in a decade. He initially responded that someone might have started a family.

GOT7 after 10 years… Wow. Someone might have a baby.

— Mark Tuan

While he might have intended it to be a joke, we definitely can imagine it! Any of the members would make great parents. Although Jackson Wang specifically recently has spoken about potential fatherhood.

Honestly, for me personally, I want to see my kids longer. And I want to be best friends with them. Because I don’t want to be like… I want to club with my kids, you know what I mean?

— Jackson Wang

Mark did change his answer a bit about GOT7’s future, giving a more generic but still humorous response. He said they would be ahjussis (middle-aged men) with facial hair! We definitely think the members could pull off any look.

GOT7 after 10 years would be like… Um… Old men… We would have beard when we comeback.

— Mark Tuan

Knowing GOT7 are quite skilled and active performers, the interviewer was curious if they “Can you dance like now after 10 years too?” Again, Mark teased before giving a more serious response!

At that time… I’ll make it simple. Just light dancing or just standing and singing? No, we’ll be dancing forever.

— Mark Tuan

Whatever GOT7 is like in a decade, we know we’ll love them just as much yesterday and today!

Source: W Korea


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