GOT7’s Mark Looks Gorgeous In Photoshoot For Cover of Trendmo Magazine’s February Issue

He doesn’t have a single bad angle.

GOT7‘s Mark posted a behind the scenes video on his YouTube channel of his first magazine photoshoot of 2021 with Chinese magazine Trendmo.

| Trendmo趋势

This photoshoot is just the beginning of Mark’s solo activities, and took place before his recent move to LA.

| ljaebeom/Tumblr

Mark wore a few different outfits, from a bold all black ensemble, simple gray jean jacket with jeans, to a stunning all white look. And he looked gorgeous in all of them.

| Trendmo趋势

Mark shares that the all black look was his favorite.

| Trendmo趋势

In a small interview after the shoot, Mark shares that the shoot was “a little different from those in the past because there wasn’t any manager accompanying me today.

| withyoumarktuan/YouTube

Trendmo made a post about Mark’s cover photoshoot on Weibo as well:

Mark Tuan, who has been transformed and reborn, penetrates the shackles of sight and perceives the world with his heart. There is no need to hide because everything is getting better, shining brightly on the upcoming journey.

— Trendmo

You can see the released photos on Trendmo’s Weibo here and Mark’s behind the scenes video below.


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